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Here are some words from our development Circle Mediums


I have with me an Arab – his name is Mohammed.  I have journeyed through many lands in my lifetimes on the earth plane.  In each land I have learned many things.  Always I have seen cruelty – the bodies I have had have borne scars;  I have had to fight for survival.  So I am qualified to tell you that violence and cruelty are not the way forward.  Violence and cruelty simply create more violence and cruelty, it is a vicious circle.  What a man lives he becomes and it shows, so I say : put aside violent thoughts and actions.  Seek to find compromise through words, have compassion, gain understanding.  Practice forgiveness in your dealings with others.  Seek to find these feelings in your heart and with your mind try to understand the motive behind the action.  At the root of it all is insecurity, fear in the lower mind of loss and pain and hardship.  When you are greeted with such situations try not to use the lower mind, but instead try to see with the higher mind.  Then you will understand what needs to be done.  Tune in to the world of spirit and you will find the knowledge you seek.  This attunement mind to mind will give you the knowledge you need.  So ask:  what do I need to say or do to help this other person?  Set this intention in your mind and the words will come.  This will take the heat out of the situation and dialogue can begin.All goes in cycles, in circles – a symbol of permanence.  We go round and round, but each time another part of an old lesson is learnt anew.  We find another (to guide us) who has gone before.  Each experience is unique, but you have elements in common.  Picture a dewdrop – your experience in a nutshell.  Look into it, see the experience of your earth lifetimes;  where you did well and where you were found lacking. You will know the way forward then.  For the tools for your enlightenment are in your grasp. Look into the dewdrop and you will see.  Violence is not the way forward.  Understanding and forgiveness are the way.   This took me many lives to learn.  By sharing my knowledge with you I seek to spare you. Will you choose your pathway having learnt from mind?  I hope my words will help you to realise that retaliation is futile.  Violence begets violence.  Goodness begets goodness.  Look within yourselves to the part that knows and you will step out on the right path.  

I will leave you now.  I have said what I came to say.  Thank you for listening, for the opportunity to share my lessons.


The dewdrop as I picture it is calming.  Falling onto a leaf and dangling, before it falls to the earth, or dries in the sun.  In time, spirit will take it, then the leaf, both will fade.  Life is for living in our time on this earth – there is no time in the world of spirit.  100 years for us is just a minute there!


As the sun shines, it rises and sends light to the world, awakening.  Dewdrops help the plants.  Nature is wonderful, a force of harmony.  Sometimes we are in the path of destruction, but other species are in harmony – animals link in to the force of nature and the planets.  It can work for us too, to live in harmony, but we are not there yet.  Nature returns to a place when man leaves.  We should try to work with her, together, to make things in life work in harmony.  


Our friend came through Ann to tell us that the violence on this earth plane is so wicked.  We know this in our circle;  we know how serious it is in the world.  We need this reminder to send healing to those who do  wicked things.  Give them love and healing.  Shine light into their darkness.  We have the knowledge to help on the earth plane.  The more we tell others and encourage them to help, the more we spread the word to those who listen.  Help the spirit world to right these wrongs, to bring peace to the earth plane.  God bless you.


I remember when I was a teenager, camping with the girl guides, getting up to watch the sunrise.  I remember how the dew was so wet on the grass, how the meadow flowers were all closed up to keep dry.  As the sun came up and the dew evaporated, the flowers opened.  This is important for all in nature needs water to live and the warmth of the sun.  

Those of us who walk dogs in the early morning dew can experience this, or if we wait until the rain has passed on a wet day, we can watch the flowers open!  It is now some years since I had to arrange the funerals of my parents, but for each I chose the same hymn:  Dear Lord and father of mankind.  There is a lovely line in that hymn:  Drop thy still dews of quietness, Till all our strivings cease:  Take from our lives the strain and stress – I expect you know it, I will not sing it!  There is a wonderful peace about the dewdrop, at the newness of the day.  Let us use this dewdrop time, this image, to nurture cool, calming energy in our overheated world.  Help to send love and healing to our brothers – it is their fear that leads to anger.  Use this experience to help others.